The following reviews have all been from happy clients. The reviews were originally posted at Yelp.com:

Anne is our trusted go-to for cat sitting.  She is professional, honest, and does a wonderful job.  Her fees are reasonable and she is highly experienced, mature, and trustworthy.

I won’t hesitate to hire her again.

Steve S.
Mountain View, CA


Anne took care of our cat for a month.  We’ve used her several other times too.

She is professional: She sent regular email reports complete with photos of our cat playing. Our cat was in good hands!

Too many of my past pet sitters were young people with precarious employment situations whom I didn’t completely trust to be honest.  Anne is a mature woman who takes her job seriously.

K. H.
Mountain View, CA


I’ve been having Anne look after my two cats periodically (work travel, vacations, etc.) for about a year and she’s been consistently awesome. Twice now we’ve run into problems with keys and garage gate openers (all entirely my fault) and in both instances she’s been extremely patient and helpful, even disassembling the remote and replacing the batteries and dealing with locksmiths over a holiday weekend. I trust her completely with my home and my pets. Whenever I travel I look forward to her daily text messages with updates and pictures of my babies. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional pet sitter to put your mind at ease while you’re away, look no further.

Julia G.
Mountain View, CA


My husband and I relocated from to Mountain View from Chicago with our 20lb Tibetan Spaniel, Hobbes, and were very nervous about finding a reliable and caring dog walker. We contacted Anne for a meet and greet with us and Hobbes. Hobbes gave his seal of approval (sniff and a lick) and so Anne began walking him every work day. Anne never missed a day and always sent a text when she arrived to walk our little man and then another text when she left with a quick summary of the walk. She was absolutely terrific and gave us peace of mind that our dog had some fun time during the day while we were at work. We have since moved to San Francisco (about 40 miles away) but would use Anne in an absolute heartbeat if we moved back to the suburbs.

Dan M.
Mountain View, CA


Caring, professional, prompt, reliable, kind, truly loves animals!

Anne took excellent care of my kitty Ambrose while I was away at Christmas. Because I’ve been spending so much time with him lately, I felt especially bad about leaving him at that time and disrupting his routine.

Even though Ambrose is a scaredy-cat, he adapted easily to Anne, and when I came home he was happy, healthy, and in very good spirits. He started playing with me right away, so I knew he felt very comfortable in her care. His food bowl was full, his water was freshened, his litter box was clean, and he was sitting in the window, which he only does when he feels secure and in charge of his territory.

Anne told me exactly when she was going to be visiting, and she was so prompt that I was able to text her while she was at my home. She “translated” for Ambrose by telling me what he was saying (usually “meow”), and sent me pictures that made me feel much better about not being with him. He is a very affectionate cat and she pet him a lot, which he loves.

I felt very happy that a really kind person who loves kitties was caring for him. I hope Anne will be available to sit for Ambrose whenever I have to travel in the future. If you love your pet and want him or her to get the best care, call Pet Play Today. I recommend Anne highly!

Bee H.
Mountain View, CA


We just moved to the west coast and for the first time had to hire someone to look after our almost 9 year old dog. Previously we were always able to leave him with friends or family, which was quite handy because he can be persnickety with others. Anne made time to meet him before we left, and listened closely as we told her everything we could think of about him. Unfortunately, he had been battling a stomach bug right before we left, and we ended up going to our vet for meds and special food the day before she started watching him. Luckily for us, Anne was great. She followed our instructions about feeding him and giving him meds, and when he didn’t feel like walking (most of the visits), she spent time with him while he sunbathed or cuddled on the couch. We came home to a healthy, happy dog, and we’ll definitely use Anne for our next vacation.

I should also add that of six people called, Anne was the only one to pick up when I called, and I loved receiving pictures of my little one each time she visited.

Katie Y.
Sunnyvale, CA


Anne took care of my cat for a week and I can’t say anything but praise for her. I was pretty nervous leaving my cat since it was the longest I’d ever left him for. I met with Anne a week before I left and knew he’d be in good hands. I was given great suggestions (leaving a fan, putting a doorstopper outside where the litter box is kept, keeping bedroom doors closed, etc) that clearly showed Anne’s experience in pet sitting. I got a call the day before I left to I was leaving my house key and the dates which I’d be away. While on vacation, I received texts each time Anne arrived confirm at my house and pictures of my cat playing or sitting happily on her lap. Her prices are very, very reasonable for the care a pet receives. I will absolutely be using Anne’s services again and would recommend her to anyone!

Allison F.
Mountain View, CA


My husband and I hired Anne to take care of our 10 year old dog (going on 2), for an extended week-end. She is very thorough with in-take information and takes the business seriously, as well as is great with our dog. She was willing to read all of our details and notes, and give us feed-back after each visit, so we were able to relax and feel comfortable that things were just fine. Our dog is a high-strung terrier and nervous about everything, and she was quite happy with Anne and looked forward to seeing her. We will be calling her again and want to recommend her.

Chris S.
Mountain View, CA


Anne is absolutely terrific!

Anne is extremely kind to our 2 cats, attentive and generous with them while we were on vacation. We are new to this area, and we are lucky to have someone like Anne in the Palo Alto area to offer services like pet sitting.

Again, I can’t emphasize enough the thorough, organized, and proper system Anne has – it makes anyone feel more at ease when leaving their loved animals while on vacation. Our cats love Anne!

Palo Alto, CA


Anne walks our dog regularly and watches both our dog and cat while we are on vacation. She is extremely professional and shows great attention to detail. She has walked our dog dozens of times and I have absolute faith in her abilities. I know that she will show up when scheduled and make sure that my dog gets a nice long walk. She takes pictures of both our pets for us when we go on vacation and sends us daily updates. She doesn’t mind if I call every day (or more often!) to check to see how things are going. She does not hesitate to inform us of potential problems (our dog pulled a muscle during one vacation and she called us immediately to find out what we wanted to do). I trust Anne above even my own family when it comes to taking care of my precious pets

Cilla B.
Mountain View, CA


Anne has been our pet sitter three times for our beautiful cat Lionel and has given us exemplary service every time. She always takes very good care of him, plays with him and texts us with an update when arriving and leaving. Overall, I would highly recommend Anne’s service as it makes travel much easier for us and less stressful for our pet.

Dave W.
Mountain View, CA


I have recently made use of Anne’s pet-sitting service for my cat. She was very professional and took very good care of my cat. She emailed pictures to me and sent me text messages when she arrived at my apartment with information about how Zoe was doing, if she had eaten all her food etc. I will definitely use Anne’s services again in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Lesley A.
Mountain View, CA